Membership to The Business Girls Network provides an array of special benefits. It offers you an opportunity to connect with like-minded women in a supportive and empowering environment. Every month we bring you new events, introduce you to new women, female experts and more. We embrace diversity and champion individual achievements.  Every woman has a very different story and we are proud to have members from different backgrounds and at different phases of business.  Our view is that every woman has a lot to give, as well as gain.

  • Would you like some extra help and support to get your business to where you want it to be?
  • Would like accountability, inspiration and motivation?

We believe in promoting personal discovery and collective empowerment.  We don’t restrict business types. 


Here’s What You Get……

  • Access to a private Facebook group for members.
  • Live Tuesday Teach in the member’s group with Sarah from Sangster Digital.  All of these sessions will be archived in your personal library on our membership platform.
  • Monthly coaching/mastermind session (webinar format).
  • 1 FREE token per month to purchase courses. Additional tokens can be purchased at £17 per token.
  • Private library on our membership platform.
  • Monthly meet-ups (discounted rates for members).
  • Members discounted rate for other events including the annual INSPIRE Conference & Awards on International Women’s Day.
  • Members can book in to promote their business at structured meet-ups as the monthly biz girl spotlight. This means you get 10 minutes to promote your business.  This is a premium spot at a meet-up.
  • Members can create events in both the members Facebook group and general group.
  • Members can post promotional offers in both the members Facebook group and general group.
  • Members only referrals in the general group.
  • Members can submit content to be included in the monthly newsletter.
  • Membership includes listing on the business directory on the central website.
  • Members can list their directory listing in multiple categories.
  • Members can list their directory listing in multiple locations.
  • Members can request to be a #membertakeover in the general group providing a promotional opportunity.
  • Members will receive a Business Girls Members badge to place on your website.

More Benefits…..

  • Immediate access to an influential, credible, trusted network.
  • Build, develop and nurture new relationships.
  • Meet women from a wide range of industries and at different phases of business.  Having access to collective knowledge and expertise is very powerful.
  • Discover new partners, gain clients and explore collaborations. We LOVE collaborations!
  • Promote your business to a targeted audience and to the wider Biz Girls community.
  • Exchange stories and learn from each others unique experiences.

£27 per month

No up-front costs - No contract or minimum term

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most popular questions I get asked……

What type of women join The Business Girls Network?

The community is for any female with ambition, optimism and persistence.  We welcome women from every background, business and at every stage of business. As a member of The Business Girls Network, you will get access to all of the know-how and experience from our diverse community.

Do you accept members from all over the world?

You are welcome to join, wherever in the world you are.  There might not be an offline group near you, but you can always connect with members online.

What are the different types of Memberships?

There is one monthly membership.  Memberships are available for partnership businesses and larger companies.  Please contact for more information.

How does the token system work?

The token system is a new system that has been put in place to run alongside the membership. Tokens can be exchanged for courses.  We will be creating new content and courses every single month all aimed at female business owners.  We will be very reactive and will produce the content that the members actually want.  Each course will have a token value and this will depend on the depth of each course.  Members will be given ONE token per month as part of the membership.  The tokens can be redeemed against courses.  The tokens can be carried over each month and members can also purchase tokens at a cost of £17 each.  If members decide to opt-out of the membership, the tokens will be void.

Can I purchase tokens if I am not a paid member?

No.  Courses will not be sold outside of the membership community.  You must be a paid member to have the benefit of courses at such a reasonable cost.

What will the membership include?

  • Business Directory listing on the central website
  • 1 token per month to purchase new course content
  • Full access to weekly live teachings in the member’s group including 1 live teach per week.
  • Full access to live monthly coaching/mastermind sessions – webinar format
  • Members rates to events


Can you give me an idea of the schedule in the members Facebook group?

There will be a set schedule in the group.  There will be regular themed posts as well as the weekly Tuesday teachings and monthly mastermind/coaching sessions. This may change from time to time.

  • Monday – Make it happen
  • Tuesday – Live teach
  • Wednesday – Where are you at Wednesday
  • Thursday – Throw it out there Thursday
  • Friday – Finish it Friday
  • Sunday – Goal setting

How will I be able to access course content?

All content will be accessed via your own personal library on the membership platform. You will have your own library of content depending on what you purchase using your tokens. The live weekly teachings will also be added to your library and removed from the group each month.

Do you think there is a shelf life and membership would only last a given period of time?

There will be a live teaching every single week in the group. There may be the odd week during holiday periods, Christmas etc when this doesn’t happen. We need holidays too! There will also be a live coaching/mastermind session for problem-solving every single month. There will also be new content/courses added to the course library every month in addition to this. There is no shelf life. Running a business is a constant learning and evolving process. There is always something to learn and we will adapt accordingly. Also, businesses change, grow etc and as a result the things you need to do as a business owner will change as your business grows and evolves. We will be very reactive to what you need. The library of content will obviously grow each month.

Do you still pay extra to attend the networking meetings?

Yes, you do. If the meet-up prices were to be included in the monthly price, the membership cost would have to be higher!

I can’t attend the networking events because I am either working, don’t have childcare or live in a location where you don’t offer offline networking events. Will this be cost effective to simply be an online member?

The value you are getting as an online member is MAMMOTH! There is so much content, training, courses and coaching. There are benefits to being just an online member alone.

Will there be a separate membership for the online aspect and the offline networking events?

No. Both online and offline is included in one monthly membership.

Can I attend an offline networking event if I am not a paid member?

Yes, you can attend a networking event twice as a guest before choosing whether to sign-up or not. There is not a rolling pass unless you are a paid member. This is both an online and offline community. The online benefits of the group compliment the offline benefits.

I’m not sure if The Business Girls Network is right for me? Is the network another one of those ‘women’s clubs’?

Absolutely not! We are a friendly and energetic community, yet we are uber professional.  We are all about building relationships, connecting and collaboration.  We prefer not to compete and know that having this ethos helps to create more opportunities and more harmonious relationships.  The women in our community are super supportive of each other and are happy to answer questions and share their experience and expertise.   If you are in a location where this an offline group, you can come along and try out a meet-up as a guest twice, before deciding to sign-up as a fully fledged member.

Does The Business Girls Network restrict business types like other networks?

Absolutely not! As we said above, we don’t believe in competing with others.  We believe that people buy people.  Different characters gravitate towards different people.   Our ethos is to encourage women to work together and this happens alot in our network.  Working in this way creates more opportunities.

Is the membership open all the time?

From 7th May, yes the membership will be open all the time!

Is this a personal or a business membership?

This is definitely a business membership. Due to the nature of how we operate and the ecosystem of support we have created, firm friendships are formed too.

Why do women join the network?

That’s a good question! There are lots of different reasons:

  • Some women join because they love networking online and offline.
  • Some women join because they need to learn new things and gain more skills.  There are weekly live sessions in the members Facebook group on lots of different topics.  Women also learn from each other and the members are very giving of their expertise, ideas and experiences.
  • Some women join because they just want to be part of a community and tribe.  They don’t necessarily need to learn anything or need new customers.  They want to give back and we have many women in the community like this.
  • Some women join because they need more confidence.  I see time and time again that when women’s confidence grows, so does their ability to grow their business.  Being part of an inclusive, supportive community is absolutely key to supporting this growth.

I really want to join but I just can’t afford it?

Some prospective members tell me they really want to join but just can’t afford it.  If you are not making much money, then I get why you might want to conserve your cash. The monthly payment option, that’s 1.03p per day or £27 per month! You get bucket loads of access to resources that will help you gain more leads and ultimately sales. You get access to me and a community of women who want growth in their business.  They are willing to share their knowledge, expertise, experiences, what’s worked and what hasn’t. The value associated with this is actually worth a lot more!

Drop that extra cup of coffees from Starbucks each month or those bottles of wine in your shopping trolley.  Go through your cupboards and sell excess things you no longer need.  If you want it, you can make it happen.  I believe you will raise the cash.

I don’t think I am ready?

Some people say they are not quite ready and want to wait a bit.  What are you waiting for? To be more established, a new swanky website, more clients, a new product offering?  Maybe you need to feel more confident? This is rubbish! When is the right time?  Ask yourself what you want to get out of the network.  It’s never too early to promote a business or too late to make changes.  There is always a way.  By having a virtual team or ecosystem on women on hand to support you and help, it does honestly make your life a whole lot easier.  They will help you to feel more confident.  I promise you.  There is no quick overnight fix for building a business.  It takes time and persistence.  Sometimes it can take years.  Having a bunch of like-minded women behind you really does make a difference.

I’m too busy to join?

Sometimes we get too busy working in our business to actually work ‘ón’ our business.   It’s important to take some time out to learn new strategies and think about new ideas.  When you are working for yourself, there is nobody to bounce ideas off or shout out your wins, or just somebody to turn to when the going gets tough.  We become your virtual team. Sometimes other things take over.  You get out of it, what you put into it.

I’m an introvert, and the thought of networking makes me break out in a cold sweat.  Will it work for me?

Guess what? I feel the same way or at least I used to! That’s why I built a community in a way that worked for me.  Women that are less confidence always say, they wished they had joined earlier.  I know you will be welcomed in the online and offline community.  You will be encouraged to be who you want to be and no question is silly.  I promise you will feel different about networking once you get started.  The online community is such an active and engaged community, when you do attend an event, you feel like you know people already.

What happens if I can’t watch the sessions in the member’s group live?

Don’t worry! All the live sessions will be archived in your own personal library on the membership platform at the end of every month. This is where you can also find the courses you purchase using your tokens. You can access these at any time. You can go through them in your own time and can go back to them time and time again.  The content is aimed at small business owners.

What happens if I’m not on Facebook very much?

Some of the magic happens in the private Facebook group for members.  Even if you don’t hang out there too much, don’t worry.  All the content will be over in your personal library on the membership platform.  There will also be monthly live coaching/mastermind sessions every month in a webinar format.

The price seems very low for what you offer?  Yes, I get asked this! How can you offer so much value?

I want the membership community to be accessible to as many women as possible.  I know it works.  Our prices are lower than in other communities, but it is important for me to make joining as inclusive as I possibly can.

Can I join events in other locations?

Absolutely you can! Once you are a member, you can attend any event at the member’s rate and we encourage you to visit other locations too.

How does the Business Directory work?

There are guidelines in the free Facebook group.  Unless you are a paid member, you can’ t be referred.  There are certain days for promos each month, usually on the 1st of the month.  Other than this, unless you are a paid member, the Facebook group is a non-promo group.  Requests for products or services are signposted to the directory.  There is also organic website traffic to the directory.  The directory is a massive benefit of the membership.

How will I get to know how the community works if sign up?

There will be a monthly live or zoom call for all new members that sign up.  You will be sent a notification of when this will be.  It will be recorded as well and uploaded to the Facebook group for members. just in case you miss it.  I am always happy to speak to members individually too.

Did I answer YOUR question?

If I didn’t and you have more questions, please get in touch and let me know how I can help.  I’m totally 100% committed to what I am doing.  I am passionate about connecting women together. You can email me on


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